4 Ways To Customize Your Smart Lighting

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4 Ways To Customize Your Smart Lighting

Do you want to take control of the lights in your home and connect them to the Internet? If so, you may be wondering what you can do with your smart lighting that will really make them stand out from using a traditional switch.

Voice Controls

One of the easiest things to do with smart lighting is to control them with your voice. This is very easy to set up within the apps of your smart speaker or phone as long as they are compatible. It involves giving the individual lights different names and assigning those lights to groups. You are able to give simple voice commands to control the lights how you want.

For example, giving the voice command "turn on the living room lights" can turn on all of the lamps in just the living room. Giving the voice command "goodnight" can shut off all the lights in the home prior to going to bed. 


If you know that lights need to be turned on at certain times, then timers can be a great way to avoid the need to turn lights on and off. You may want a morning routine where lights in your bedroom gradually turn on to help wake you up since you can control the brightness levels in addition to if the lights are on and off. You can even have lights in certain rooms already turned on by the time you are awake, and have them automatically turn off when you leave for work.


It's even possible to control the lights based on where you are located by placing a geofence around your home. This triggers the lights based on where you are located. You can customize your lights so that they turn on as you enter the geofence and approach your home and turn off when you leave your home and no longer need the lights on. This is done with your phone reporting your GPS location to the app that controls the lights, and basically using your location as a trigger. 

Custom Colors

LED light bulbs even have the ability to change colors to help set the mood. You can create custom programs for things like mood lighting when watching TV, where the lights dim low and turn to a light blue color. You can set the lighting in the dining room for a romantic dinner, where the lights turn an orange color to simulate candlelight. You have endless options for how you want to use color since some LED bulbs are possible to change to any color of the spectrum.

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